Technicolor Bunnies has come from years of my searching and exploring for a means of creating a career from my artistic talent.  With the many websites now available to sell original design and artwork as stock files and surface print on demand I now have the means to do just that on my terms which is essentially doing whatever suits my fancy.

From a very early age I have been doodling and drawing.  My mom tells me that I was showing a high attention to detail as early as kindergarten as shown by my drawing eyelashes on all sorts of things.  I only wish some of that early work still existed.  I won my first drawing contest in about first grade.  Ironically enough by the time I got to high school I found art classes were rather dull and too slow in teaching me what I wanted to learn, so I persisted in experimenting on my own.  I didn’t actually enter art school until I was in my thirties where I majored in media art and animation. I made quite a lot of progress but I had to set it aside.

Have you noticed that many schools want to actually be paid to teach you?  Shocking!

My education and urge to experiment persisted with or without formal guidance.  That is one thing that I love about art, a diploma doesn’t really prove if you are any good or not, you have to have a portfolio to speak to that.

For the present time TechnicolorBunnies.com is primarily a central hub by which anyone can easily find the websites that I am making my work available for purchase in a variety of formats.  It is also a place where I can share what whatever inspires me or what goes into my work.  As time goes by there is who’s to say the direction this will go.

If you need to contact me you can do so at kellyehulse@gmail.com