Spending $ to make $$$

This past week was a flurry of spending money.  I am now registered to attend this year’s Shutterfest conference.  I have new business cards being done for said conference and beyond.  Then I am waiting on the arrival of a brand new laptop.

I have a natural gift for design but I lack experience, well, without a formal education to get me in the door with an established company I have to go and track down that work experience on my own.  One place that I think if brim full of potential clients for even the newbie likes of me is Shutterfest.  Last year I collected cards from people that while they looked fine and did the job I felt they could be better.  If these people can afford Shutterfest, then honestly, they can afford to pay me $10 to do a new card design for them.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive, ya know?

The best way to introduce the topic of card design to people would have to be by giving them my card.

‘Nice card’ they say

‘Thanks, I designed it myself.’ I reply.

If they should happen to follow up with asking or commenting that maybe I should do a card for them I can tell them that I would be happy to, my rate starts at $10 for one design and it can be formally booked through Fiverr and they can email me for the link.

Did I mention that I signed up for Fiverr?  I did, I am not on a freelancing site with one gig offering…so far.  I can expand more on that later.

So, the new business cards were totally necessary.  I can hardly wait to get them, I ordered square cards to further standout.

Then there is the matter of the new computer.  I can’t edit for Sherri unless I can run the right software and I can’t run the right software if I don’t have a computer that has all of the necessary specs.  When shopping for one it soon became apparent that I would be spending a minimum of $800 which was as far reaching to me as $1800 so I started looking at what the perfect computer would be.  There are some that have been designed specifically for the work that I am doing and they cost around $1800.  Since I was going to be financing the thing anyway I figured that I may as well go for broke.  So I did!

My new, Lenovo Yoga 920 will be here later this week.  I special ordered it according to what my needs are so that baby is tricked out!  I can hardly wait to get it, I have never special ordered a computer before.

My expectation is that my new laptop will potentially further my efforts to get business at Shutterfest.  The screen folds back to be used as a tablet and there is a bluetooth pen so I can use it as a digital drawing pad/note pad.  I am imagining getting into a conversation with someone about a card or even a logo design and saying, ‘Let me get out my laptop and I can jot these ideas down.’

I think my theme for the next couple of months is that I am faking it until I make it.  I might lack in professional experience but I will have the trappings of someone who is, nonetheless a professional.


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