Keeping it Real

Here’s the thing with this blog and website, part of me wants to not do much of anything with it unless the content is “perfect” but another part of me is saying ‘yes, well, nothing it getting done while trying to achieve that so called perfection I mean do I even know what that is?) so you might as well just throw out there what you got and see where things go.’

Today I have decided I may as well go for throwing stuff up and seeing where it goes.  It is more interesting to me anyway and I like to think it keeps me relate-able.  This will all get more polish as I move forward.  Besides, some of the most cherished and pricey art pieces in the world are the scribbled notes and sketches of artists that came before their final piece.

At the moment I am participating in an online course to try and master my artistic habit, essentially get my shit together, focus and work.  This week’s lesson is getting into coming up with slogans and elevator pitches.


At first thought this was daunting because I didn’t have a clue as to how to combine my surface print design work with my photo editing work all in one five-ish word slogan.

Does it count as using only five words if one of the words is used twice in the same slogan?

I’ll be damned but after doing a journal writing exercise to come up with tend slogans as quick as I could, with no worries for “perfection” I think I did it!!!

Digital and Analogue Design and Editing

I really like that!  I think it tells what I do, I work in digital as well as old school mediums like painting and drawing, even photography.  It says that I design, but I am not limited to what and I edit, again, not limiting myself in that either but most certainly would include photo editing.

This makes me want to get business cards and t-shirts and stuff to promote my work.  I feel more professional already.  I feel like a professional.  I feel confident.  I feel that I have something to offer that people will want to pay for.

Crazy, right???

So yay! I have a slogan and I am in a comfy place with keeping this blog, just keeping it real and see what comes out.

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