…and GO!

Welcome to Technicolor Bunnies!  This is my shiny new website, please don’t mind the dust and boxes as I am still working on getting unpacked and moved in.

What will you find here, at this point just about anything that comes wondering into my head that I feel like sharing.  In the past year I took up designing prints for fabric, wrapping paper and wallpaper on Spoonflower.com  I don’t have much available there yet but I really like this creative outlet.  A little over a month ago my sister-in-law invited me to work with her as she launches her dream of a photography business which I am really excited about.  I will be working with Sherri to edit her photos when the business has launched but right now I think of myself as part of her think tank, an extra set of hands to look stuff up and get things done.  Right now I am working on designing a logo for the business, Pics by Sherri.

I’m always looking for ways to use my creativity and I have always wanted to have my own business.  Right now I think what I like to do is help people with their projects.  My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings movies and Peter Jackson didn’t make those movies all by himself, he had a lot of people like me helping him.  I like to collaborate as much as I like to do my own stuff.  I’m helping Sherri with her photography.  I help my sister Susan with her wardrobe work for the St Louis Ballet, and I am going to design a logo for my niece, Eadaoin, who likes to design painted canvas shoes and custom ballet skirts.  This week I attended my first ShutterFest, I met quite a lot of photographer, maybe I will find myself working with some of them too, that would be awesome.

There will be all kinds of stuff here as I share my creative adventures but you know what?  It’s all good.


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